About us

Stanmax Electronics is a company occupied in the file of designing all ranges of audio sound systems, power sources and measuring equipment for consumer and industrial use. In general, Stanmax is involved in projects where innovation is needed and conventional technology fails.

Wiebe van der Veen founded the company in 1980. Initially alone, he designed and produced audio electronics such as amplifiers, pre-amplifiers and loudspeaker systems (HiFi and PA). In 1985, Herbert Venderbosch became involved. At first he still had a full-time job as an engineer at Holland Signaal – Philips Radar and Data Systems. 

In 1987, he gave up his job to join Stanmax full-time as partner. And in the background, several people have also been involved: two software engineers, a sound engineer, a desktop publisher and an administrator. From that time, Stanmax as a team designs amplifiers, pre-amplifiers, loudspeaker systems (HiFi and PA), (switch-mode) power supplies (in commission), choppers and DA converters.

Some projects:
· HiFi amplifiers
· Power amplifier up to 2400 W (Mark IV Audio)
· DA converter
· Small PA systems
· AC power source amplifier (20 kW) KEMA Holland
· Motor control regulators for trains (in commission)
· PA system 25 kW for concert hall
· Switch mode power supplies for Philips
· Switch mode power supplies for Eldutronic
· Discotheques
· Mobile electronically operated information bulletin board
· EMC pre certification
· Base units Electro Voice SB120 (Mark IV Audio)
· Power sources for local cable (television) provider
· Power sources for ENG video equipment (broadcast companies)
· Power source for mobile intercom system for theatre/concert purposes
· High voltage power source (5000 volts and 4000 amps) for Ministry of Agriculture and Fishery
· High performance audio interface

In addition, Stanmax performs sound measuring/writes reports for companies who must comply with laws concerning sound limits and restrictions. The company also gives advice as to how spaces/rooms should be fitted with insulating materials to make sure companies meet these restrictions. 

Stanmax is a company, who can be very flexible and cost can be reduced. It has all the knowledge and equipment to perform projects from start (designs by computer) to finishing (small production unit producing prototypes) within its own walls.